[Live-demo] Saving 600mb of disk space

Hamish hamish_b at yahoo.com
Mon Oct 11 01:58:25 PDT 2010

Hamish wrote:
> > but fyi I've just cleared out 600mb.

> Hamish, well done with this. How did you achieve this disk
> saving?

by implementing Johan's ideas:


I suspect the hardlinks will be best reserved for DVD use, but
maybe I'm just over cautious. (edit one version of the duplicate,
you change them all; delete one version of the hardlinked file
and the others remain intact). If it's a problem we just have to
make the scanning list exclude those. (e.g. if you run it over
the a .svn/ dir it will link both the working version and the
backup version, so 'svn diff' will no longer work)



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