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#647: Ossim typos
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 I'll put these together in one ticket because they're all Ossim-related
 and all fairly minor.

 1. Shortcut in start menu and in the desktop folder says 'OsssimPlanet',
 but should be 'OssimPlanet'

 2. There's a dead link from /usr/local/share/ossim/ossimPlanetUsers.pdf to
 a non-existent directory /usr/share/doc/ossim-doc/ - link should be
 deleted I guess

 3. The quickstart instructions say to load a kml file from
 /home/user/data/raster/*.kml but there are only tif files in this

 4. I also had OssimPlanet crash on me when I opened the Preferences
 dialog, but I can't reproduce this

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