[Live-demo] Countdown to OSGeoLive 4.0 announcement (in 24 hours?)

Cameron Shorter cameron.shorter at gmail.com
Thu Sep 2 18:03:33 PDT 2010

On 03/09/10 10:07, Hamish wrote:
> Hamish:
>> I've just made some edits.. mentioning OSGeoLive 5 times in
>> 3 sentences was rather overdoing it IMO.
> (but more importantly, the first sentence has to explain what the
> heck the thing is)
> H

Hamish, I like your edits. I'll dig up the rest of the package version 
numbers when I boot back into linux this evening, with the intend of 
publishing ~ 9pm my time in Sydney.
We still need to copy the documentation across to live.osgeo.org
I'm not sure if I have permissions to do that.

Alex, Hamish, is that something you can do?

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