[Live-demo] Localized LiveDVD - come to the Code Sprint on FOSS4G next friday

Hamish hamish_b at yahoo.com
Sat Sep 4 23:54:19 PDT 2010

Cameron wrote:
> In anticipation, over the next couple of days, we should get our
>  documentation structure and build set up ready for the translation.
>    Current structure is:
>    I assume we should now move this down a level?, so we have:

I expect the Europeans can give the rest of us a lot of guidance about
the best way to use i18n tools and manage translations. I suspect there
may be some benefit in keeping one language (currently English) as the
"master" source for the docs. it all languages are equal it's harder to
keep them all in sync (shrug). personally I'd love to see the quickstarts
translated this round as well, but I leave that to the folks actually
doing the translation work to decide amongst themselves.

>    I'm thinking that I should also convert the 25 minute presentation
>    script to rst format and put into the documentation. I can also put
>    the Open Office slides in svn, or maybe just the screen grab images.
>    These slides contain English titles plus screen grabs and is 22Meg.
>    Hamish may suggest I put it elsewhere?

I'd suggest putting open office impress sources in svn. I just make a
spot for this sort of thing:

reSt is for structured text, oo impress or a latex slide style are
designed for presentations. so unless you had an idea to publish the 
presentation in book-like form, I don't really see the point in redoing
it as reSt. If you were thinking about book-like form, rather than further
splinter the docs I might suggest to add content to the overview pages,
or as a preamble to the quickstarts.

One thing I'd like to hear from the code sprinters is how well the
existing switch-language at login, and/or from the Applications -> System
-> Language Support menu experience goes, and how we can improve our
welcome text to make that easier.



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