[Live-demo] Live Demo Mirror Volunteers

Alex Mandel tech_dev at wildintellect.com
Mon Sep 6 10:02:49 PDT 2010

For those who have offered or would like to offer download mirrors, I
now have mirrorbrain running on my server and would be happy to
coordinate the setup of a mirror.

How it works: you tell me the url of your server where you will put the
live images (I'll tell you what directory to mirror). Then I put an
entry on my server which will then scan and activate your mirror so that
it automatically becomes an option when someone hits the main live
download links.

Credit will be list in the archive page of releases and on the website.

The key here is that all downloads will still go through our site so
that we can centrally track. Once I get a couple more mirrors up I'll
attempt to load balance (you can tell me your limits) and use geoip to
redirect users to download from the closest mirror. I may also try to
activate metalink and DHT (Trackerless) torrents.

Please contact me directly if you'd like to offer a mirror. Europe will
be fairly well covered(people have volunteered already). South America,
Africa, Asia, India and Australia/NZ regions would be appreciated.


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