[Live-demo] Hi

Massimo Di Stefano massimodisasha at gmail.com
Thu Sep 9 01:54:19 PDT 2010

Hi Marco,

happy to see you on board.

there is a lot of work to do,

finally we can start the live - localizzation,  this will be a good job for the osgeo loaclchapters ;-)

we need to discuss the structure inside the svn tree to handle the future new files.
then we can start the translation, maybe starting from the presentation (.odt) 
and later switch to the SW documentation and quickstart (.rst)




For the IT language we can also integrate this lve-traslation-work in the gfoss.it site 
(in gfoss.it we already have some translated docs, but not all the project are listed 
... so it will benefit the addition of the new project descriptions from sw installed on the live 4.0)

we can discuss this topic on the local list too.

see you later for future coordination ;-)

Il giorno 09/set/2010, alle ore 10.40, Marco Puppin ha scritto:

> Hi list,
> I just properly subscribed to the list, actually since few months I am following your great work with the new release.
> I am an Italian geologist/gissman, not really capable in programming, but I would be more than glad to support the project helping with the translation.
> Thanks Cameron for the welcoming.
> Cheers,
> Marco
> P.S.: Hi Massimo, once the translation process begins let's coordinate our efforts, right?

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