[Live-demo] Re: Background Image

Hamish hamish_b at yahoo.com
Fri Sep 10 21:36:39 PDT 2010

Brian wrote:
>   ask anyone with any graphic design ability

such as.. me?

> about that background its really a disaster.. not even ok for a temp

IYHO. IMHO I happen to like it. The darkened/lightened version is needed
to hide the holy-clutter-batmaness of it of course, but with the contrast
toned down by that I don't find it distracting at all.  a case of YMMV...

>   You dont like the non-Barcelona alternative?

actually, I hadn't noticed that it existed! Now swapped over to that one
in the osgeolive_4 release branch as appropriate there. There is no reason
for trunk to stay at Barcelona though.

>   It is consistent with neither a principle of less
> noise on commits eg fewer is better, as needed

Barcelona conference is now over.. time to move on.

> nor with basic principles of good design. That
> "background_dark.jpg" is not professional quality design.
> Its muddy, gray robs the other colors, hardly readable and
> busy.. its just a shambles..

as above, I guess that's a matter of humble opinion.

>   So I quickly reversed the change, and was greeted
> with some SVN sleight of hand to impose this ill-considered
> change on the tree
>   This is not a good commit, and now, is bad community process to boot

sorry? I don't understand the above. what problem did you encounter in
svn? why is a temporary cosmetic change such as that (which will most
likely be changed again in final prep for the next conference)
controversial and needing notification?

> Please clarify this for all Hamish

osgeolive_4 branch needs to clear Barcelona from the desktop now to get
ready for Germany ISO builds; and trunk can begin to be trunk again.

no worries,


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