[Live-demo] Countdown to printing the German OSGeoLive

Yoichi Kayama yoichi.kayama at gmail.com
Fri Sep 17 15:16:44 PDT 2010

 Dear Cameron

My name is Yoichi Kayama.
A member of OSGeo.jp

We will have 3  FOSS4G events in Japan this year.

 Oct 23-24   GISA of Japan   anual conference
     we will have special session about FOSS4G
      and  have a booth of OSGeo.jp and FOSS4G sig

 Oct 31 - Nov 1     FOSS4G2010 Tokyo
 Ov 5 - Nov 6         FOSS4G2010 Osaka

We will print DVD using our PC and printer.

Best regards

2010/9/18 Cameron Shorter <cameron.shorter at gmail.com>:
> On 18/09/10 01:35, Nobusuke Iwasaki wrote:
>> Dear Cameron,
>>> >  Other translators,
>>> >  Can you please comment on whether you think you can get your
>>> > translations
>>> >  finished by this weekend, Sun 19 Sept, or in a week, by Thurs 23 Sept,
>>> > or
>>> >  whether you would prefer to wait for a later release, in a month or
>>> > two.
>> It is difficult to finish Japanese translation in September. We will
>> have a conference and Japanese FOSS4G event in end of October. So, we
>> plan to finish Japanese translation in mid of October.
>> Best regards,
> Nobusuke,
> Can you please add details of your Japanese FOSS4G event into our schedule,
> to help with our planning for future releases.
> Could you please also determine how you will print the DVDs (or USB) for the
> event, and how much lead time is required, so that we can ensure that the
> DVD is ready.

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