[Live-demo] OSGeo Production Server

Cameron Shorter cameron.shorter at gmail.com
Tue Sep 28 13:06:49 PDT 2010

On 29/09/10 02:14, Hernan Olivera wrote:
> Is OsGeo live dvd installed to hard disk ok for production use?
> If not, what would be necessary to do that?
> It would be great to have an OSGeo Server distro, isn't it?
We have asked all application builders to build their applications under 
the assumption that it will be installed on a DVD, with limited disk 
space and limited memory.
This is usually not the best configuration for a server installation.

Alex also noted that we would need to change username and password and 
do a bit of an audit.

So as it stands, OSGeo Live would not be ready for production, however I 
don't think it would be much to make it ready for production.
What I see needs to be done:

1. A person (maybe you?) steps forward to coordinate.

2. We define what the requirements should be for a Server version of OSGeo.

3. We translate these requirements into general requirements for each 
project to follow when building their application. (Their build script 
may need to accept 2 build options, one for a DVD target and the other 
for a server).

4. We set add milestones to the OSGeoLive schedule.

5. We test, test, and more test. (This is the hardest part to resource)

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