[live-demo] Problems during the creation of a bootable USB

Ab_fab gamma.gts at gmail.com
Sat Apr 2 10:35:18 PDT 2011

Dear list,

I made several unsuccessfull attempts to install the distribution on an 8 GB
USB disk, with persistent storage

Either under Windows XP :
using Universal-USB-Installer- returns no error during installation,
but during the boot I get a message stating
"vesamenu.c32: not a COM32R image
boot :"
I googled the statement. One proposed solution is to type "live" but it does
not launch the graphical environment
(it actually made the trick for another distribution based on Ubuntu)

Or under several distributions of Ubuntu, where I used the Startup Disk
USB disk preparation does not complete, and returns the following error :
"An uncaught exception was raised:
[Errno 22] invalid mode ('wb') or filename:

I managed to install and launch the distribution, using Unetbootin, which
was already better than nothing.
But it has a major drawback : as far as I understand, it does not allow to
keep settings and data in a persistent file.

I'd be very happy to get some help on the above.

Best regards


"Il n'y a pas de pas perdus"
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