[Live-demo] Disk Space and MapGuide

Alex Mandel tech_dev at wildintellect.com
Mon Apr 11 15:14:30 PDT 2011

Note: Win/Mac are NOT on the mini as stands. So they have 0 effect on
the Live part file size cap. The cap is based on being able to fit on a
4GB usb stick and still have some room for saving files.

CS-Map Coordinate stuff seems like an interesting place to look for
savings. It does seem quite large based on it's name.

I highly encourage Mapguide to pursue (on no particular timeline) a true
debian style package with apache, php, tomcat etc using the shared
defaults from ubuntu. That's actually a big deal for me as a
Debian/Ubuntu sys admin in terms of picking what I want to install.


On 04/11/2011 02:56 PM, Cameron Shorter wrote:
> Trevor,
> Thanks for the analysis. I realise that there is often a lot of work
> reducing disk size, and I'm hoping that we should have one or two
> releases before we will be forced to face the really hard decisions
> involved with reducing disk space of installed applications. (The easier
> decision will be to move Windows and Mac installers off the mini version
> of the disk).
> What I suggest is that MapGuide (along with other applications) start
> planning for this, and start making decisions within the project which
> will result in a reduced disk foot print.
> On 9/04/2011 9:40 PM, Trevor Wekel wrote:
>> Hi Cameron,
>> Here's a reply I sent to Brian Hamlin a couple of days ago regarding
>> the size of MapGuide Open Source.  Unfortunately, no easy answers...
>>> Brian,
>>> Here is a rough breakdown of the install set for MapGuide Open Source.
>>> FDO 58MB
>>> Maestro 10MB
>>> Repositories (berkeleydb database integrated into MapGuide) 11MB
>>> Sample Data 35MB
>>> CS-Map Coordinate Systems 222MB
>>> Apache 28MB
>>> Tomcat 10MB
>>> Fusion 18MB
>>> www 6MB
>>> Php 25MB
>>> Total 424MB
>>> It may be possible to save approximately 65MB on the installation
>>> size if we configure and build against the distro>versions Apache,
>>> PHP, and Tomcat.  Unfortunately, we build extension libraries for all
>>> of these and we do not>compile natively on Ubuntu 10 (gcc 4.4) so
>>> distro integration cannot be achieved yet.  Switching to
>>> distro-based>builds would likely take many man weeks of effort and
>>> multiple MapGuide RFCs to make this happen.
>>> Over half of the installation set is taken up by the full set of
>>> CS-Map coordinate system definitions.  There are>thousands of
>>> coordinate systems included on the LiveDVD.  Reducing the set of
>>> coordinate systems may be possible.  I>do not know what impact it
>>> would have on the code base though.  And there is always the question
>>> of which coordinate>systems to include and which ones to drop.
>> Trevor
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>> On 08/04/11 09:31, Brian Hamlin wrote:
>>> Can we get a jump on reducing the install size of MapGuide OpenSource
>>> somehow?
>>> It is disproportionally large compared to just about  anything else
>> Trevor, Jackie,
>> We have exceeded the space available on a DVD to store all OSGeo-Live
>> Linux, Windows and Mac applications.
>> As a consequence, in the last OSGeo-Live release a few weeks back,
>> OSGeo-Live 4.5, at the last minute we were forced to remove a number of
>> Windows installers, and unfortunately, we had to remove the MapGuide
>> Windows installer due to its size. (The linux based version of MapGuide
>> is still installed).
>> With the next FOSS4G 2011 release in Sept 2011, we expect to have a few
>> new applications added, and we will need to make hard decisions about
>> keeping our image size in check.
>> As MapGuide is one of the biggest applications installed, we hope that
>> you can work with us to see if there is a way to bring MapGuide's
>> install size down.

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