[Live-demo] Java apps: better get working on your OpenJDK port ...

Hamish hamish_b at yahoo.com
Tue Dec 20 14:53:19 PST 2011


as we suspected would happen eventually, Oracle is
pulling the rug out and retiring their Java-6 Open
Distribution license, so in future end-users will
have to download it themselves. thus anything which
doesn't work with OpenJDK is going to be SOL very
soon as we can't legally ship Sun's Java6 anymore.
dunno if that also applies to the JAI library
which is in the same license boat.

on the plus side:
-OpenJDK has come a really long way recently
-hey maybe this frees us up some disc space ;-)

I don't know if it will still be in the 11.04 repos
(as anything other than a wrapper package that says
it isn't there any more) by the time of our final
build; the java browser plugin is already disabled
in 10.04LTS+ as ubuntu aren't allowed to distribute
bug fixes to known security holes in it.



If you want to live dangerously and hold on to what
you've got, before it gets removed by a security

sudo aptitude hold sun-java6-bin sun-java6-jre  sun-java6-jdk

sudo su
echo "sun-java6-jdk hold" | dpkg --set-selections
echo "sun-java6-jre hold" | dpkg --set-selections
echo "sun-java6-bin hold" | dpkg --set-selections

(I consider the browser plugin to be a no-hoper so
leave it out of the above)

have fun,

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