[Live-demo] Java apps: better get working on your OpenJDK port ...

Hamish hamish_b at yahoo.com
Wed Dec 21 17:16:44 PST 2011

Cameron wrote:
> Can you please clarify where we stand on the next OSGeoLive
> 5.5 release (which is based upon Xubuntu 11.04). Will we be allowed
> to include sun java on an Xubuntu 11.04?

we can ship archived copies of the last official release (stash the .debs
locally) but that will not include security updates.
they can't rescind the already released copies, just refuse to release
any new ones under the Distro license [which includes allowing security
fix derivatives, which is why ubuntu has no choice but to remove them
or leave people vulnerable].

> I'm interested to know how much time we have to switch to OpenJDK.
> Do we have to migrate everything by this coming osgeolive release,
> or do we have another 6 months, when we use a later Xubuntu base?

no idea, the ubuntu link just says it will be removed "in the near future".
which means a security update will remove the packages from your system
unless you put them on "hold". I'd be surprised if they could hold out
until 12.04 LTS is released, I suspect to keep their corporate users
happy canonical'd be trying damn hard to make it that far.

The packages are already not present in 11.10, and so will not be built
and available for 12.04 LTS and the 6.0 livedvd build based upon it.

I don't know what the situation with the similarly-licensed JAI is.


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