[Live-demo] Software categories organization

Hamish hamish_b at yahoo.com
Fri Feb 4 16:37:20 PST 2011

Angelos wrote:
> Also, in Geosciences, GIS do not include Remote Sensing.

yes it does.  ;-)

> This can be seen in scientific journals, conferences, university
> departments etc.

probably just seems that way due to the majority of commerical GIS
softwares focusing on the bling^W cartography/presentation + vector side
of things and not the analysis/modeling + raster side of things. I used to
use Matlab toolboxes for all my satellite processing, now I mostly do it
in GRASS (who's RS imagery library first appeared in 1987(?)) + GDAL and
am much happier for it. YMM(& will)V.

FOSS GIS can certainly manage RS tasks very well, but I guess the question
is how to steer someone interested in RS to the correct category which
will make sense to them? Probably we could stick GDAL tools in the same
place as the RS apps end up.

to me, "GIS" just means a centralized geospatial data management and
processing suite. as generic as "spreadsheet" doesn't have to mean

another compromise to consider is keeping the menus not too lopsided,
even distribution between categories. (many/most will fit into more than
one. mostly I'm talking/thinking about the desktop menu structure not
the docs, where we have a lot more freedom to deal with overlap.

> Ok, I do not want flame-war too :)

taking the bait, :)


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