[Live-demo] Re: gdal overview - what image should we use? and review please.

Hamish hamish_b at yahoo.com
Sun Feb 6 13:53:04 PST 2011

Frank wrote:
> I do not have a suggested screen shot - we ran into the
> same issue with the info sheet.

Hi there,

somewhere I've got a presentation where in one slide I introduced GDAL/OGR,
what I did is to list the long-names of all the supported formats as one
big center-justified paragraph, with the biggies (.shp, .geotiff) randomly
sticking out in bold with the rest in a light grey text color to help it
blend into the background but still be readable after having the color
washed out by the projector, so the result was not just a page of clutter.
I'll dig it out if y'all would like to have a look.

maybe a solution,


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