[Live-demo] Sahana Install - minor edits

Brian Hamlin maplabs at light42.com
Sun Feb 13 09:32:44 PST 2011

I have a raw, base XUbuntu that I build from..
I selectively run and delete components on it
the `pwd` approach broke for me
probably based on whether the current directory was the base of the svn 
or in its child directory, bin, at a particular time

Literally, since $BUILD_DIR is a *variable*
it can be defined to *something else* by a moderately knowledgeable user
and then the rest of the script may work, yes?

Many scripts do use $USER_HOME/gisvm as the base directory
from which to reference other svn based resources
Its unambiguous, for this disk layout.
That sequence is stable in the current build

I dont think that the scripting is far enough along to have defined 
some ideal
set of shell variables and current working directories, to generalize
execution from within the build as it is now, and externally in the 

If you, Hamish, have a vision for an overarching, self-consistant set 
of shell vars
and working directories such that svn resources can be referred to from 
the build script
on and off the LiveDVD build, by definition of a cooperative software 
project, you are
invited to define and even build that vision, for all install scripts


On Feb 13, 2011, at 2:16 AM, Hamish wrote:

> Hamish:
>>> this seems less than ideal:
>>> -BUILD_DIR=`pwd`
>>> +BUILD_DIR="$USER_HOME/gisvm"
> Brian:
>> that's consistent with quite a few other scripts
> is it? none should be relative to $USER_HOME.
> what I mean is the build dir should not be installed on the disc, and 
> my
> meaning of that variable in this and a few other scripts was 
> specifically
> the dir where the build script originates. i.e. `pwd` at the start of 
> the
> script & ./bin/ of the svn checkout. maybe a copy of the svn repo ends
> up in the home dir, but it tangles the timeline and makes it hard for 
> the
> install script to be run outside of the full build process.
> cheers,
> Hamish

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