52°North start script - (was: Re: Fwd: Re: [Live-demo]52N SOS status)

Eike Hinderk Jürrens e.h.juerrens at 52north.org
Tue Feb 15 23:55:31 PST 2011

Hi Cameron,
it is no problem to cc it to the list.

Short intro for the others:
> The current version of the 52nSOS start is launching firefox with two
>    tab a: the 52°North SOS test client
>    tab b: the quickstart of the 52°North SOS which gives introduction
what to do, when the tomcat is not started or responding

I did it this way, because my experience was/is, that all images of
osgeolive had the default xubuntu tomcat running from start - this
tomcat is used to run the 52°North SOS.
If the default tomcat will not be available in OSGeo live dvd 4.5 and
the following, I'll have to adjust the script of the 52°North SOS.
Regarding the flashing icon stuff, I need some hints and support, how to
do it or where to take it from.

Feel free to comment.

I'll be on the road until Friday, but will check my mails regularly.

Kind regards,

Am 15.02.2011 21:04, schrieb Cameron Shorter:
> Eike,
> If ok with you, would you mind CCing your next response to the list as
> I'd like to tap into expertise of others when discussing this thread.
> As far as I'm aware, tomcat is  not started by default when OSGeo-Live
> starts. This is because the LiveDVD is memory constrained and we with
> to save RAM.
> Consequently, I suggest that when a user clicks the 52nSOS icon, the
> start script checks if the tomcat process is running, if not start the
> SOS process.
> The web client should be started as well. Note that the web client
> will probably initiallise before the server, so you should provide a
> delay in the client to avoid a user seeing an error web page.
> Ideally, also provide a flashing "Starting" logo or similar to provide
> feedback to the user.
> I'm pretty sure all this has been set up for the Geoserver start
> script, so you can probably copy from there.
> On 16/02/11 01:45, Eike Hinderk Jürrens wrote:
>> Hi Cameron,
>> now, the 52North SOS is running in the default tomcat installation every
>> time tomcat is launched.
>> The problem described by Angelos is not a problem now from my point
>> of view.
>> The current situation is that when the DVD is launched, tomcat is
>> running and so is the 52°North SOS. The start script should only start
>> firefox with the correct URL.
>> I just committed a new version of the install script to the svn which
>> launches firefox with two tabs (one for the SOS test client and one for
>> the SOS quickstart, where the tomcat handling is described, too). Am I
>> missing anything? Feel free to comment!
>> Kind regards,
>> Eike
>> Am 11.02.2011 08:52, schrieb Cameron Shorter:
>>> Eike,
>>> Have you seen this email?
>>> Can you please investigate and see if you can work out what the issue
>>> is with 52nSOS.
>>> Maybe it is a case of the web service starting, but not giving the
>>> user any feedback.
>>> Or maybe the user is trying to see the web service before it has
>>> started up.
>>> You may need to include a delay before starting a web browser page. (I
>>> think this is what geoserver does).
>>> You may need to download the latest VM to test from here:
>>> http://live.osgeo.org/dev/build
>>> -------- Original Message --------
>>> Subject:     Re: [Live-demo]Does your app work on the new OSGeo-Live
>>> V4.5
>>> Alpha2?
>>> Date:     Fri, 11 Feb 2011 01:26:20 +0200
>>> From:     Angelos Tzotsos<gcpp.kalxas at gmail.com>
>>> To:     live-demo at lists.osgeo.org
>>> Hi all,
>>> A first review of the OSGeo-Live 4.5 alpha 2 has just finished.
>>> This is the list of issues that were found and commented on the status
>>> spreadsheet:
>>> Failure to launch:
>>> 52nSOS -->  The desktop link does not provide any feedback that the
>>> service started.

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