[Live-demo] Natural Earth in 4.5b2

Nathaniel V. Kelso nvkelso at gmail.com
Thu Feb 24 16:04:28 PST 2011


I'm not seeing the any geometry errors in ArcGIS (the horror, the horror) on
the 10m lakes theme fresh off the website. The 1.3 version that was released
a couple weeks ago should have resolved most the obvious topology errors on
the themes that were ID'd to me before. If you want to run a custom repair
geometry / topology script on them as they're imported to the LiveDemo
system, sounds fine to me.

_Nathaniel V. KELSO

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> Hi All-
>   the LiveDVD 4.5b2 has been built, using a download link for the NE
> data set
> It appears though that there are some geometry errors..
> In particular, 10m_lakes has 13 Ring Self-intersections
> there may be others.. we should decide what to do about it for the
> final version
> best regards
>   -Brian
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