[Live-demo] OSGeo-Live 4.5 - OSGEarth

Pirmin Kalberer pi_ml at sourcepole.com
Sun Feb 27 14:08:26 PST 2011

Am Sonntag, 27. Februar 2011, um 22.40:17 schrieb Brian Hamlin:
> OSGEarth Team Representatives-
>    testing the last 4.5b2 build of the LiveDVD has shown that osgearth
> is not drawing correctly
> In one tester's environment, osgearth runs, but the surface of the
> earth and blocky patches in the stars
> are blank white, and do not update at all
>    Please verify this as soon as possible - suggestions or fixes welcome
> otherwise osgearth may miss out on being on this LiveDVD version

Display problems are usually caused by missing OpenGL-Support. Maybe it was 
tested in a virtual machine?


Pirmin Kalberer
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