[Live-demo] Re: Please commit documentation to svn

Hamish hamish_b at yahoo.com
Mon Jan 10 21:33:26 PST 2011

Cameron wrote:
> > In ~ 12 hours, I intend to update all documentation
> > files, and translations, to reference the correct images/
> > directory (rather than pointing at a symbolic link). Ie,
> > reference ../../images/file.png instead of images/file.png
> I've now updated all rst files to point directly to the
> images/ directly rather than through symbolic links.
> Hopefully this should be transparent, but if you discover
> images in your document have disappeared, then please let me
> know.

Hi there,

Since the Makefile was changed a few days ago the nightly builds
had stalled. Now they are fixed and back online for testing...
(all changes there need to be audited & approved before the
nightly builds continue)

I notice the Italian translations are still broken (no index.html) and the error (warning) log is still very long.
[mostly "Title underline too short."]


(back online again (partly, more-so next week))


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