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Thank you for your OTB docs.
Here is a review of the Overview docs. Can you please see if my comments 
make sense, and update text if appropriate.

There are a couple of minor grammar comments I'll address again after 
you have a look at this first round of comments.

    Image Processing¶

ORFEO Toolbox library (OTB) is a high performance library for image 
processing targeted on remote sensing.
/Cameron: I suggest a minor rewording:
ORFEO Toolbox library (OTB) is a high performance [geographic image 
processing] library targeted on *targeting* remote sensing./

/Cameron: Could you please include 1 to 3 sentences describing what 
Image Processing is and maybe a sentence describing what remote sensing 
is. What are the sort of things that Image Processing is all about? The 
reader is likely to know very little about geospatial, and won't know 
what the unique issues are regargd They may be a manager, they may be a 
general programmer without a geospatial background. "Geospatial Image 
Processing is the act of ... It is typically used to ... "/

OTB has been funded the French Space Agency (CNES) in the frame of the 
Methodological Part of the ORFEO Accompaniement Program

/Cameron: Again, I suggest generalising the description above. It is 
good to mention the French Space Agency, but is probably too detailed to 
mention specific programs as 98% of new users won't be interested in it.

to prepare, accompany and promote the use and the exploitation of the 
images derived from Pleiades (PHR) and Cosmo-Skymed (CSK) systems.

/Cameron:  You might want to describe the types of images collected, and 
use as an example to illustrate your description above.

/It has been actively developed since 2006.
Cameron: Can add more words about the stability of OTB. Maybe say that 
it has been "deployed in production since ...". Maybe mention the breath 
of high profile users of OTB?

OTB is distributed as an open source library of image processing 
algorithms. OTB is based on the medical image processing library ITK and 
offers particular functionalities for remote sensing image processing in 
general and for high spatial resolution images in particular.

      Core Features

    * image access: optimized read/write access for most of remote
      sensing image formats, meta-data access, visualization;
    * orthorectification and Map Projection
    * calibration functionnalities
    * /Cameron: Say either "calibration" or "calibration functions"/
    * image fusion
    * filtering: blurring, denoising, enhancement;
    * feature extraction: interest points, alignments, lines;
    * object detection
    * image segmentation: region growing, watershed, level sets;
    * classification: K-means, SVM, Markov random fields;
    * object-based image analysis
    * geospatial analysis
    * SAR data analysis
    * change detection.


*Website:* http://www.orfeo-toolbox.org/

*Licence:* CeCILL

/Cameron: As CeCILL is not directly OSI approved, I suggested adding 
"(CeCILL is compatible with GPL and enhanced to address French law)"/

*Software Version:* 3.8.0

*Supported Platforms:* Linux, Mac, Windows

*API Interfaces:* C++

*Commercial Support:* http://www.osgeo.org/search_profile


    * Quickstart documentation

/Cameron: I've only quickly skimmed the Quickstart and haven't had time 
to do a proper review. However my first stand-out comment is that the 
Quickstart should not be describing the C++ interface as part of the OTB 
library. (In general, our users will not be programmers.) Instead just 
include the Monteverdi description (probably expanded) /

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