[Live-demo] Re: gvsig packaging

Jorge Gaspar Sanz Salinas jsanz at osgeo.org
Tue Jan 25 11:32:49 PST 2011

On 25 January 2011 20:13, Cameron Shorter <cameron.shorter at gmail.com> wrote:
> Hi Jorge,
> I'm CCing the list with my response as Hamish wish to comment on this as
> well.

Thanky you Cameron

> On 25/01/11 20:15, Jorge Gaspar Sanz Salinas wrote:
>> Hi Cameron
>> Today I'll try to update OSGeo Live gvSIG release to 1.10 stable with
>> some changes at the debian package:
>> * No more using Sun JRE but OpenJDK 1.6
> As far as I'm aware, all applications on OSGeo-Live use the Sun JRE and we
> have removed (or we should remove) OpenJDK in order to save space.
> Rather than switching to OpenJDK, can you just note in the status
> spreadsheet that your application can run with OpenJDK. Once all
> applications can use OpenJDK, we can then move all applications across.

The debian gvSIG packager (a project colleague) has set up the package
to use openjdk OR sun-java6-bin so if the sun jvm is installed it
won't install anything more. There are previus java stuff at main
script so I suppose (but should be confirmed on first builds) that
after install_gvsig.sh any openjdk will be installed at all.

>> * Removed non-free libraries for ECW or MrSID loading
>> I'll also:
>> * Add English additional manual for new features since gvSIG 1.1.2
>> * Try also to translate gvSIG overview into Spanish
>> * Try to update the gvSIG sample project in order to use Natural Earth.
> Sounds good.
> Can you please first update your Overview to reference the 1.10 version,
> then set the status in our status spreadsheet to "4.5draft". We can then
> quickly review and let translators start translating.

Well as far as I've just upgraded from 1.10RC1 to 1.10 I haven't
changed anything at overview, I've just translated it into Spanish and
I've also reviewed the master documents (contact, index, download) to
reflect minor updates at English version. No time to create a
quickstart yet :-(

I've updated the spreadsheet but I haven't changed the SVN numbers,
I'm afraid I've been a little bit disconnected from the translation
project and that spreadsheet is a little bit scaring for me :-) I hope
Javi will help me on the procedure

Finally I haven't had time to update the sample project to use natural
earth, I will need some time to expose as much gvSIG styling and
labelling features as I can on that data (also to connect to postgis
and configured OGC services). I'm thinking on requesting help from any
gvSIG power user from our community to do that.

Jorge Sanz

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