[Live-demo] 52°North SOS in OSGeo Live DVD

Cameron Shorter cameron.shorter at gmail.com
Tue Jan 25 11:45:56 PST 2011

Thankyou for your comprehensive email. I think you have answered all our 
standard questions we ask projects joining OSGeo-Live: 

I think that the 52North SOS would be an excellent addition to 
OSGeo-Live. I'm +1 for including it.
Does anyone else on this list have comment either way? I'd like to make 
a decision within 24 hours in order to give Eike enough time to be ready 
for the Feature Freeze at the end of this week.

To make the next release, you will need to be quick about getting your 
install script, Overview and Quickstart ready. In particular, could you 
please try to have your installer ready and Overview ready to be 
reviewed by 31 January.

On 25/01/11 21:11, Eike Hinderk Jürrens wrote:
> Dear all,
> I would like to propose the including of the 52°North SOS implementation
> on the OSGeo-Live distribution.
> The name of the project is "Sensor Observation Service implementation by
> the Sensor Web Community of 52°North". The homepage is located here:
>      short: http://52north.org/sos
>      long:  http://52north.org/communities/sensorweb/sos/
> The code is provided by GPL v2.0.
> The Sensor Observation Service aggregates readings from live, in-situ
> and remote sensors. The service provides an interface to make sensors
> and sensor data archives accessible via an interoperable web based
> interface. Four profiles are defined within the SOS specification: core,
> transactional, enhanced, and entire. The current release (52N-SOS-3.1.1)
> implements the core, transactional, and parts of the enhanced profile
> comprising the mandatory operations:
>      * GetCapabilities, for requesting a self-description of the service.
>      * GetObservation, for requesting the pure sensor data encoded in
> Observations&  Measurements (O&M)
>      * DescribeSensor, for requesting information about the sensor
> itself, encoded in a Sensor Model Language (SensorML) instance document.
> The transactional profile comprising of the following operations is
> implemented, too:
>      * RegisterSensor, for signing up new sensors.
>      * InsertObservation, for inserting new observations for registered
> sensors.
> Additionally, the following operations are implemented:
>      * GetResult, for periodically polling of sensor data
>      * GetObservationById
>      * GetFeatureOfInterest, for requesting the GML encoded
> representation of the feature that is the target of the observation.
>      * GetFeatureOfInterestTime
> The current release implements the latest schema version (1.0.0).
> The 52°North SOS that will be included on the Live DVD has been
> available as a stable release for several months. It has been developed
> during the recent years and has reached a stable and mature state.
> Furthermore it has been applied in several projects (both European
> research projects as well as productive systems deployed by different
> customers).
> The implementation of 52°North SOS provides a test client which comes
> with predefined requests but can be used to send own user-defined requests.
> We are planning a workshop which will use the 52°North @ FOSS4G 2011.
> The contact person will be me: e.h.juerrens at 52north.org and I am
> following this list.
> We will provide a custom install script and we do not wish to include a
> Windows and/or Mac installers.
> The application requires postgresql + postgis + tomcat. As I remember
> correct, the applications are already available on OSGeo Live DVD or
> required by other projects, it will be no problem, to run the 52°North
> SOS with 512 Meg of RAM.
> Less than 30 MB are required by the SOS depending on the OS.
> The SOS requires an own data set but this is less than 10 MB (being one
> week of weather data with seven observed properties with a sampling rate
> of 15 minutes encoded in sql statements). This can be shipped with OSGeo
> or downloaded before.
> Any questions/answers/pieces of information left?
> Looking forward to your comments!
> Kind regards,
> Eike

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