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Alex Mandel tech_dev at wildintellect.com
Mon Jan 31 19:41:18 PST 2011

I don't 100% agree as it feels somewhat like a stick and might only
entices the already active. Many of the applications on the disk have
other languages done within their projects and I'm not sure we've really
connected with all the local chapters yet that represent distinct
language groups.

Any idea what happened to our volunteer who was working on Indonesian?

Aside from that I do think we can rework the selection some to better
cover our audience. I've added a sheet called language packs listing out
the options and my recommendation which is a merge of what we have
translation for + where there are OSGeo chapters. The only 3 I would
suggest that aren't on that list are Russian, Indonesian and Arabic.
Which we've had interest from and definitely have downloads from.
On the sheet, for sure are green, likely are black and ? are orange,
that way if we need to remove we can start working our way from the
least supported at this time.

# of langs is about the same, and looking back at my notes is 130MB
total for all the lang packs from ubuntu. Note 130MB on install is ~65MB
on compressed DVD.

Anyone up for helping me check the language pack code so we can modify
the script tonight?


On 01/31/2011 05:32 PM, Cameron Shorter wrote:
> I recommend that we provide language packs only for the languages which
> have translated text on OSGeo-Live.
> It is a logical connection between seeing translated text and support
> for the language.
> It also means we have identified a community which is strong enough to
> provide translating services.
> On 01/02/11 11:20, Alex Mandel wrote:
>> If you recall from the last time we discussed this I had proposed one
>> option of starting with locations that have OSGeo chapters. No one
>> stated an opinion on the options so we went with a hack of wikipedia
>> list of # of speakers in the world.
>> I'll have to go back and more thoroughly analyze the download logs to
>> give us another hint as to where OSGeo Live is being used, this could be
>> quite a different list than we expect.
>> There were I believe 17-18 languages on the last version, and if we can
>> better optimize the list that would be good, as a reduction in # would
>> save use considerable space. Last I checked it's ~10-25MB per language
>> pack. Just keep in mind that maximum outreach may not be the same as
>> catering to the known crowd.
>> Thanks,
>> Alex
>> On 01/31/2011 03:48 PM, Brian Hamlin wrote:
>>> of course, any group that submitted document translations is first on
>>> the list!
>>> from "too fast on the Send button"  -Brian
>>> On Jan 31, 2011, at 3:38 PM, Brian Hamlin wrote:
>>>> Hello Live DVD List-
>>>>    I was reminded today about Languages, via a blog post on the Debian
>>>> Planet feed.
>>>> The next version of Debian is close to final, and they are rounding up
>>>> language translations.
>>>>    I propose that prominent, supported language packs on the Live DVD
>>>> ought to be chosen
>>>> in response to real-world participation. If that were the case, using
>>>> Debian as a model, I see
>>>> Very High / Highest Participation
>>>>       english, german, french, italian, spanish, portuguese, russian,
>>>> swedish, czech, japanese
>>>> Participation
>>>>     Belorussian, catalan, lithuanian, malayalam, norwegian, romanian,
>>>> slavak, vietnamese
>>>> Some Others
>>>>    Hindi, Thai, Arabic, Traditional Chinese, Korean
>>>> of course, Debian is published in over 70 languages, and wikipedia now
>>>> has articles on over 250 languages.
>>>> Very strong international support is a win-win for everyone, and, I
>>>> think emphasis ought to be placed first, where
>>>> there are active members who have actual access to OSGeo tools.
>>>>    best regards from Berkeley, CA
>>>>     -Brian
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>>>> Brian Hamln
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