[Live-demo] Enhancement for Version number in Online Documentation

Frank Gasdorf fgdrf at users.sourceforge.net
Fri Jul 1 00:42:16 PDT 2011


I'd like to get feedback for little enhancements for the OSGeo Live

Right now Makefile for the online docs replaces "OSGeo-Live" with OSGeo-Live
<versionnumber> in all resulting html files as a post process after sphinx
generated html files. After a grep of all *.rst files in the English sub
folder with the regular expression "OSGeo.Live" the resulting list has two
different versions of this String : OSGeo-Live and OSGeo Live.

Therefor not everywhere is the version number concatenated, which leads me
directly to the proposal:

First I'd like to update the Makefile in a way, that the predefined
variables release and version should be used to build html's [1].
Second I'd like to discuss, whether it is required to have the version
number everywhere. IMHO we should use the *html_title* option (Default is
"<project> v<release> documentation" and change it to "<project> <version>

Third I'd like to ask you, what is :Version: in most of the rst-files for?
Some have osgeo-live4.0, some osgeo-live4.5 and some files don't have this
metadata at all. Maybe we could synch all files and update to :Version:

Correct me, if I'm wrong: Is it right that the online docs are build with
the Makefile in this way:

make html

in the root doc folder? Is the conf.py still required or just an old
artifact not used anymore?

And what do you think about a version number in the header (right behind the
banner) or footer. Nobody has to care about |version| right behind
OSGeo-Live/OSGeo Live in the rst files anymore, translators should not care
about these details ...

To get a clue what I'm writing about I attached a patch for you of the
Makefile to review. I'm looking for your feedback!


[1] : http://sphinx.pocoo.org/config.html#project-information
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