5.0alpha4 [Re: [Live-demo] 5.0alpha3 status]

Hamish hamish_b at yahoo.com
Mon Jul 11 14:05:40 PDT 2011

> > Will the IDE be used on the disc as part of someone's workshop?

> I've included eric for workshops like mine at FOSS4G:
> http://2011.foss4g.org/sessions/new-features-qgis-power-users
> But since I will need even more packages like qt4-designer,
> I will install them during the workshop. Will remove eric from
> install_edutools.sh.

ok, I don't mind stuff being there if it will be used -- that's the point
of putting this thing together after all -- mainly just checking for unused
stuff. leave or remove it at your discretion ...

> > tinyows:
> > put XML setup into /usr/local/share/tinyows/ and not /etc?
> tinyows.xml is the main configuration of tinyows and
> putting it somewhere else 
> than /etc will need additional configuration. In the next
> package release of 
> tinyows I will omit the tinyows.xml example in /etc because
> it needs sample postgis data, which is usually not available.

ok, whatever's appropriate. note OSM postgis sample data should be available.


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