[Live-demo] Nightly doc builds back online; further action on doc licenses needed

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Not that I know of.  It's not a big problem from here, just need to
figure out how to version things so everyone know what's on the DVD (and
that it may be different for a while from GeoMoose website. maybe better
to just not say anything right away, and remember the MapFile

I did mention the dependency matrix a few weeks back, doesn't seem like
there's been much time to put that kind of thing together this close to
letting the DVD out though. 

I also mentioned using some sort of WEB FORM for registering an
application for the DVD, This would be a good spot to add dependency
info, and then the Matrix could be a generated report instead. 


>>> "Lime, Steve D (DNR)" <steve.lime at state.mn.us> wrote:

Sorry Bob, an unintended consequence… Is there a dependency matrix

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I was just informed about the reason for the GeoMoose running Error on
the LiveDVD.    
Seems the MapServer version was changed which requires some
modifications to MapFiles.  Probably breaks for others I would imagine
that are using the LiveDVD Mapserver..  
For future consideration, I submit the idea that any potentially shared
resources either be locked in earlier than the dependent packages during
the DVD assembly period, or that at the very least, the version from the
previous DVD is kept in the install mix (if possible).  

>>> Cameron Shorter <cameron.shorter at gmail.com> wrote: 

On 25/07/11 21:08, Hamish wrote:
> Hi,
> the nightly doc build cron job is now an hourly cron job, and back up
> running.
> there's a bug: the licenses.csv file is sourced before it is
> it fails the first time,&  will grab an out of date version from then
> by the way, instead of publicly pledging anything, it would be
> better if folks who are listed as authors just edited their
> etc and expanded the license line in their .rst files as they see
While I'm no fan of all the effort spent addressing licensing
discussions and requirements, we have followed the protocols of other
OSGeo projects going through incubation, which usually use a public
statement to an email list as a requirement to getting svn access.

>   No
> one else may change the copyright license line on their behalf!, so
> everyone must do that anyway, and should do that now.
I think that it is not as black and white as you may suggest. In many
cases there have been multiple authors for a document, and this is a
little messy to capture in svn logs, (although I know it is possible).
I would be more than happy for anyone to update the license statement
the subversion.
However, I would also suggest that it should be ok for someone to
the license for a doc if they reference a public email saying that the
author is ok with the license.
> (also I would suggest IMHO a separate license.html page is a waste
> time, the doc license just needs to be at the bottom of each page and
> more;

>   and I continue to be annoyed by seeing (c) Lisasoft at the bottom
> pages whos contents are entirely authored by myself and solely (c)
Footer has been updated to be a "copyright" hyperlink which links to a
copyright page. The copyright page contains a table which lists all
documentation, the author(s) and licence(s), as extracted from the
metadata in the docs by bin/extract_licenses.sh


Simon Cropper is reviewing for me at the moment, happy to hear
from others too.

> IMHO the best solution is if lisasoft did like everyone else and
> donated their copyright t
o osgeo.)
> hourly build docs are here:
>     http://adhoc.osgeo.osuosl.org/livedvd/
> please work on the many issues found in the error log therein.
> thanks,
> Hamish
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