[Live-demo] libLAS application

Hamish hamish_b at yahoo.com
Tue Jun 7 18:22:36 PDT 2011

Howard wrote:
> The canonical IP-free example dataset is the Serpent
> Mound dataset, but it is 87mb in uncompressed form.  If
> that's small enough, we should include that.

Cameron wrote:
> What counts is the compressed size, as data is compressed
> as it built into an ISO. What size would this be compressed?

gzip'd it's 40mb.
bzip2'd it's 38mb.

  (is it a product of applied imagery? if so, what are the terms?)

note the North Carolina sample dataset already ships some LiDAR data,
it seems to be in .txt form but Helena or Doug might have some original
LAS sources.   http://www.grassbook.org/ncexternal/nc_datalist.html


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