[Live-demo] Project to be included on OSGeo Live GIS Disc

Cameron Shorter cameron.shorter at gmail.com
Fri Jun 10 13:53:05 PDT 2011

Thank you for your application Jan. A Web Security Service will be an 
excellent addition to OSGeo-Live.
I have a couple of extra questions in line below.

On 10/06/11 22:31, Jan Drewnak wrote:
> Dear list, Cameron,
> I ask you to include our project "52┬░North Web Security Service" on the
> OSGeo Live Disc. Please find the details below, based on the questions
> documented at http://wiki.osgeo.org/wiki/Live_GIS_Disc_Apply.
> Thanks,
>    Jan
> * Please describe your application.
> ** What is its name?
> -- 52┬░North Web Security Service
> ** What is the home page URL?
> -- http://52north.org/communities/security/wss/2.2/index.html
> ** Which OSI approved Open Source Licence is used?
> -- GNU GPL 2.0
> ** What does the application do and how does it add value to the
> GeoSpatial stack of software?
> -- The application adds a security layer to any kind of geospatial Web
> applications and services, acting as a proxy, without the need to modify
> existing services. It provides policy-based authorization and
> authentication features to restrict access to spatial layers, features,
> and other resources provided by OGC Web Services.
Very nice. Would it be possible to lock down a WFS to a specific filter?
Eg: A user is only able to query features that are within a specific 

> ** What language is it written in?
> -- Java
> ** Which version of the application should be included in the next
> OSGeo-Live release?
> -- 2.2.0 (final)
I understand that 2.2 is currently in beta. Have you had a previous 
stable version?
Maybe 2.1 or 1.0?

> * Stability is very important to us on OSGeo-Live and we pay most
> attention to the following answers. If a new user finds a bug in one
> application, it will tarnish the reputation of all other OSGeo-Live
> applications as well.
> ** Has been rolled out to production in a number of locations? Can you
> mention some risk adverse organizations who use your application?
> -- Used in some administrative units in federal states of germany
Can you please expand on this. Has the application been deployed into 
production or is it just in a R&D prototype?

I assume that these administrative units of federal states are part of 
government? Would you consider these organisations to be risk adverse 
If departments would be ok to be named, it would be nice if you could 
name one or two of them.

> ** What is the size of the user community and developer community? You can
> often answer this by mentioning downloads, or describing a healthy, busy
> email list?
> -- About 500 download of latest beta release
> ** Do you have a bug free, stable release?
> -- Scheduled for end of June, current state is beta.
> ** Please discuss the level of testing that your project has gone through.
> -- Deployed on various Windows and Linux platforms, Tomcat versions,
> tested with several WMS, WFS, WPS, and SOS.
> ** How long has the project has had mature code.
> -- First version established in late 2004
> * OSGeo-Live is targeted at applications that people can use rather than
> libraries. Does the application have a user interface (possibly a command
> line interface) that a user can interact with?
> -- Web UI to set up protected services; policies and users are managed
> trough XML config files.
> * We give preference to OSGeo Incubated Projects, or Projects which are
> presented at [http://foss4g.org FOSS4G] conferences. If your project is
> involved in OSGeo Incubation, or has been selected to be presented at
> FOSS4G, then please mention it.
> -- presented in 2007 to 2009
> * With around 50 applications installed on OSGeo-Live, us core packagers
> do not have the time to liaise with every single project email list for
> each OSGeo-Live release. So we require a volunteer (or two) to take
> responsibility for liaising between OSGeo-Live and the project's
> communities. This volunteer will be responsible for ensuring the install
> scripts and English documentation are updated by someone for each
> OSGeo-Live release. Also test that the installed application and
> Quickstart documentation works as expected on release candidate releases
> of OSGeo-Live. Who will act as the project's liaison person.
> -- liaison person is Jan Drewnak (j.drewnak at 52north.org)
> * OSGeo-Live is Ubuntu Linux based. Our installation preference is:
> *# Install from UbuntuGIS or DebianGIS
> *# Install .deb files from a PPA
> *# Write a custom install script
> :Can you please discuss how your application will be installed.
> -- Application is installed by script that copies the applications war
> file into a tomcat webapp folder
> * OSGeo-Live is memory and disk constrained. Can the application run in
> 512 Meg of RAM?
> -- definitely
> * How much disk space will be required to install the application and a
> suitable example application?
> -- about 35 MB
> * We aim to reduce disk space by having all applications make use of a
> common dataset. We encourage applications to make use of the example
> datasets already installed:
> http://wiki.osgeo.org/wiki/Live_GIS_Add_Project#Example_Datasets If
> another dataset would be more appropriate, please discuss here. Is it
> appropriate, to remove existing demo datasets which may already be
> included in the standard release.
> -- datasets not needed; data that comes with application has very small
> footprint (couple of kB)
We have a few web services installed on OSGeo-Live already. It would be 
good if your quickstart could make use of one of these.
For example, I understand the mapserver WMS/WFS doesn't require any 
extra memory from a tomcat instance in order to run. You might want to 
make use of it.

> * In past releases, we have included Windows and Mac installers for some
> applications. It is likely we won't have space for these in future
> releases. However, if there is room, would you be wishing to include
> Windows and/or Mac installers?
> -- No

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