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Alex Mandel tech_dev at
Fri Jun 17 13:51:53 PDT 2011

On 06/16/2011 11:40 PM, OSGeo wrote:
> #731: SVN commit access for LiveDVD
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> Comment(by olt):
>  Replying to [comment:2 wildintellect]:
>  > As for your script I have a few questions/comments:
>  > 1. Any reason mapproxy deb can't be added to ubuntgis-repo? (Is the deb
>  source available?)
>  No. The debian package is just new and I haven't found time to bring this
>  forward. I contacted a DebianGIS packager (David Paleino) that was
>  interested in MapProxy, but he is busy right now.
>  The debian directory is included in the MapProxy repository.
>  Does it have to be added to DebianGIS at first, or is it OK to add new
>  packages to UbuntuGIS?
>  > 2. Since it's just a python app I'm wondering why not just use the pip
>  install method and specify a target version?
>  Some people (me included) don't like to install (unmanaged) Python
>  packages into the system installation. It's to easy to overwrite or get
>  conflicts with existing system packages. I use virtualenv in most cases to
>  circumvent this, but a deb package is more clean IMO.



PPAs (Personal Package Archives) are outside the standard Ubuntu and
Debian repositories. They partly exist to allow the community to get
debs up sooner than would happen if you have to wait for a release of
Ubuntu/Debian in order to get your package out there. It also lets you
publish versions whenever they are ready and backport them to whichever
distro revisions you want.

If you want to get MapProxy into Ubuntugis here are the steps:
1. Sign up on
2. Upload MapProxy package to a PPA under your user on launchpad
3. If that worked let us know on the Ubuntugis list ubuntu at

At that point we'll trying copying your package over into Ubuntugis or
give you access to push directly to Ubuntugis.


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