[Live-demo] Impacts of OSGeo-Live document license selection on OSGeo

Cameron Shorter cameron.shorter at gmail.com
Sun Jun 19 16:31:29 PDT 2011

On 19/06/2011 1:24 PM, Hamish wrote:
>> * I think that the OSGeo-Live project should mandate that
>> Project Overviews should be available to be used under a
>> CC-BY (without the viral "Share Alike").
> please don't conflate my gift to humanity with a computer virus,
> or some autoimmune disease which parasites on the rest, often
> destroying the host; thanks.
> it's a nasty turn of phrase which was quite deliberately
> invented to skew an otherwise meaningful discussion.
> Copyleft does not infect you; you consciously decide to buy it,
> or not.
> </pet peve>
> also while in the sensitive words dept., you do not "mandate"
> a team of volunteers if you hope for them to stick around for any
> period of time.
Hamish, I apologise for my poor choice of words.
Let me rephrase as:
In order for us to ensure that OSGeo-Live documentation can be 
collectively incorporated into downstream documents, I suggest that we 
set a minimum level of openness for the documents.
This may be "CC-BY" - where downstream documents need to attribute the 
OSGeo-Live source documents, or "CC-BY-SA" where downstream documents 
will be required to also be shared under the same CC license.

> I invite you to have a look at some of the existing commercial/
> consulting firm's training material, who were happy to give back.
> The key I think is getting a reputation as the go-to company for
> training on some particular area, not just being in sole control
> of some quickly outdated PDF.
>    http://www.gdf-hannover.de/media.php?lg=en
>    http://www.gdf-hannover.de/leistungen.php?id=3&lg=en

I'm aware that some osgeo businesses release their documentation, and 
some don't.  Now is the time to speak up if you have ideas on how 
OSGeo-Live documentation could be used, and as such which license we 
should select.

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