[Live-demo] 5.0alpha1 build logs

Cameron Shorter cameron.shorter at gmail.com
Mon Jun 20 01:35:19 PDT 2011

Thank you so much for starting turning over the builds again Alex.

Did the build create a usable VM that would be worth providing to 
developers to download and then test their install scripts?
What should we be recommending to developers as their next step?

On 20/06/11 16:33, Alex Mandel wrote:
> On 06/19/2011 02:27 AM, Alex Mandel wrote:
>> http://live.osgeo.org/dev/build
>> Once again Ubuntu has modified the GUI a bit, we might just need to lock
>> in "Xubuntu Classic" though to not have think about menus etc.
I've found the new Ubuntu 11.04 GUI quite painful, and have seen a 
number of similar unhappy messages on the internet.

I agree that we should stick to "Xubuntu Classic" for this release and 
wait until the new GUI has gone through a release or two and has gained 
greater acceptance.
>> Without looking at logs I think there are probably some lucid specific
>> PPAs or debs that need to be bumped to natty (the package manager has an
>> error but I haven't looked at the specifics yet).
>> Thanks,
>> Alex
> Preliminary reading of the log:
> mapguide's fdo deb needs to be updated to reference odbc
> odbcinst1debian2, odbcinst is actually the parent package that will pick
> the right one
> mapfish - firebug is no longer in the ubuntu repos, probably need to
> find a way to download it from the firefox add-on site
> libgdal 1.8 from ubuntugis seems to want odbcinst1debian1 also but only
> odbcinst1debian2 is available, this causes mapserver, grass, qgis and
> anything else gdal related to fail - note: an early package is
> installing gdal1.6, not an issue now but might be if that gets upgraded
> to 1.8 (not sure what package that is)
> Might need to notify ubuntugis to get this fixed, anyone have a Natty
> desktop to confirm this issue?
> Looks like the build hung after ossim too, not really sure why I let it
> go for more than 24 hours before checking on it so vmware must have
> screwed up. Might try a build of everything after ossim just to test
> those scripts.
> Thanks,
> Alex
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