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Mon Jun 27 10:54:46 PDT 2011

Hi -

   two thoughts:

* GDAL users certainly outnumber OTB users, both humans and 
applications, so a custom patch to GDAL .deb to support OTB does not 
sound good

* However, I a suspicious that the GDAL .deb has so much trouble with 
external TIFF.. maybe there is a flaw in the way they are packaging 

   I am not at all ready to try to change the GDAL package, but I am 
one of the people doing maintenance on the OSGeo-Live install scripts.. 
Thanks for bringing this issue up early.. OTB is a great addition to 
the LiveDVD and we *do* want to find a resolution - IMO

   best regards from Berkeley, California

On Mon, 27 Jun 2011 17:31:52 +0200, Julien Malik  wrote:


One important point for OTB on OSGeoLive :

We hit a wall with the gdal 1.8 package provided in ubuntugis-unstable 
repository : it breaks TIFF support for applications linking to both 
gdal and tiff, which is the case for OTB, making the OTB packages 
pretty much useless. 

This issue has been discussed on gdal-dev ML. 
The debian packager of gdal is working on a solution to this known 
problem, but it is not yet out. 
The solution we chose for the OTB debian package is to patch the gdal 
source package, and provide a patched binary package on the 
orfeotoolbox-nightly PPA (here : 
For those interested, the patch is here : 

It is harmless : it's only aim is to recover the behavior of gdal < 
1.8, where the TIFF driver was still registered, even in case of 
conflicts with the gdal internal Tiff version. 

When the release will be out in a few days, we will copy this binary 
over to the orfeotoolbox-stable-ubuntugis PPA, which is used during the 
OSGeo Live installation procedure. 
In particular, it will spread out as the default gdal on the OSGeo Live CD. 
I don't like it a lot, but we don't have a better solution coming to mind. 
Meanwhile, I'm confident about the fact that the patch has no 
functionnal impact on gdal. 

What is your opinion ?


Le 27/06/2011 09:03, Manuel Grizonnet a écrit :


  concerning otb, the library is in the release candidate process. The 
release 3.10 is planned for the 06/30. I hope that Ubuntu Natty 
packages will be available just after that (orfeotoolbox-nightly 
packages already work on Natty : 

  I'll send more informations at the end of the week. 



  2011/6/26 Hamish

         Alex wrote:
> http://live.osgeo.org/dev/build/5alpha2-log.tar.gz
> Went a little better than last time. I had to manually
> interrupt and restart it (though not clean) somewhere towards
> the end of Java stuff. 


> Opps sorry I didn't up the version on the alpha build (I
> always forget that each new cycle). 

semi-bumped now. a build-checklist.txt in svn might help .. 

> If the logs look decent after a day I'll go ahead and pack
> a vm for people to download to make future testing of scripts
> easier on the 5.0 version. 

  still propagating packaging errors in this one leaving the
system in a broken state... 

5.0a2 quick build log review:

${CURLY} brackets do nothing to protect the command line from
spaces and special chars within variables. Use "double quotes"
for that. 

FIXME: 'export FOO=bar' is a Bashism and will not work with Ubuntu's 
#!/bin/sh  (which is dash)

GeoMajas FIXME: Do not use 777 if at all possible. 

any way to make your 250mb package smaller?

deegree, openjump, maptiler:
FIXME: don't use wget for local files, just copy from local svn 
checkout:  cp ../app-conf/$FILE $DEST

> mv: cannot stat `gvSIG19_new_features.tar.gz': No such file or directory

temporary DNS trouble, now fixed?
Static copy of Denver.osm.bz2 now stashed on OSGeo download server, note
many times bigger than Barcelona, which may make the PostGIS DB

a number of errors, e.g.:
> DataError: value too long for type character varying(64)
> OSError: [Errno 13] Permission denied: 'applications/eden/compiled'

> ... Ushahidi already downloaded
> tar: A lone zero block at 17095

(probably want to do a timestamp check with the wget, but -N and -O are
mutually exclusive)

> ERROR 1045 (28000): Access denied for user 'root'@'localhost'

there is no root password. try operating as another user name. 

geopublisher, atlasstyler:
> E: Package 'geopublishing-doc' has no installation candidate

> Download error: [Errno -2] Name or service not known -- Some packages 
> may not be found!
script is very verbose, making it hard to pick out real error

.debs need to be updated for Ubuntu 11.04, ie to not depend on 
Uses a disproportionate amount of disc space (>375mb). please
find ways to slim it down. 

[after this all other deb installs are broken for the rest of the ISO build.]

wants libgdal1-1.7.0, but only 1.6.0 and 1.8.0 are available. 
-> rebuild for natty
WARNING: wget -N timestamping does nothing in combination with -O. 

please shut off pgsql verbose mode & fix errors, if possible. 

fails-- no packages for ubuntu/natty found in PPA. 

[after this even less of the apt system works...]

disc space:
can we safely uninstall linux-headers-2.6.38-8? (81.5mb)
+ linux-headers-2.6.38-8-generic (10mb)
(is building the proprietary nvidia driver a critical need?)


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