[Live-demo] write access to /usr/local/share/data/

Astrid Emde astrid.emde at wheregroup.com
Wed Mar 2 23:02:16 PST 2011


I am working in the gdal_quickstart at the moment and use the
natural_earth data.

For the exercises I need write access to the directory as we create new
data with the gdal-tools.


This is what is defined at the meoment in the file install_gisdata.sh:
chmod a+r "$DATA_FOLDER/natural_earth"     ## read the data dir
chmod 444  $DATA_FOLDER/natural_earth/*    ##  and all files in it
chmod -R +X "$DATA_FOLDER/natural_earth"   ## but keep x on directories

Is it ok to set :

chmod -R u+w "$DATA_FOLDER"     ## write the data dir

I am fine to set write access only to the /natural_earth firectory too:

chmod -R u+w "$DATA_FOLDER/natural_earth"     ## write the natural_earth
data dir

So the user can write to the data dir. Ok - the user could change the data
or delete it too.


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