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#697: gosmore icon not working
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Comment(by kalxas):

 Perhaps we should consider hiding the desktop link in that case...

 Replying to [comment:1 hamish]:
 > see the quickstart:
 > {{{
 >     * Before running Gosmore you will need to convert a planet-*.osm
 data file.
 > Some data is provided in the /usr/local/share/osm/ directory.
 > Import it with:
 > bzip2 -dc /usr/local/share/data/osm/feature_city.osm.bz2 | gosmore
 > This will create gosmore.pak.
 > }}}
 > I agree that it's not a very nice user experience and we should take
 steps to do this for the user automatically, but the version of gosmore we
 ship right now is not very interesting so I didn't feel the need to spend
 more time on it. The new version in the 5.0 livedvd release on the other
 hand does cool stuff like 3D/head's up routing AFAICT, much like a in-car
 navigation device, so will be worth more effort.
 > Hamish

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