[Live-demo] Last minute OSGeo-Live translations

Cameron Shorter cameron.shorter at gmail.com
Fri Mar 11 14:03:45 PST 2011

OSGeo-Live translators:

Here are some last minute updates I've made to the English docs. Could 
you please translate if you can. We have 48 hours to fix any last minute 
changes before we cut the final build (on Monday 14 March).


en/index.html :
   * I have changed the link to the video/presentation to a URL which 
can be changed for each language, and I've slightly changed the text:

A half hour presentation, highlighing all OSGeo-Live applications, is 
available as a video, along with source slides and script.

Details at http://live.osgeo.org/xx/presentation.html.
(change xx to your language, "es" if you are Spanish)

en/overview.html :
   * We are about to put installers at http://osgeo.org so I'm linking 
to it from the overview page:

Windows and Apple Installers

* `Microsoft Windows Installers <../WindowsInstallers/>`_
* `Apple OSX Installers <../MacInstallers/>`_

   * I've updated all the download pages myself. If you could read them 
and verify they are correct, that would be good. I think only German and 
Spanish pages have text which needs updating.

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