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Cameron Shorter cameron.shorter at gmail.com
Fri Mar 11 16:36:35 PST 2011

On 12/03/11 10:12, Hamish wrote:
> Hi, some Qs:
> Cameron wrote:
>> en/overview.html :
>>    * We are about to put installers at http://osgeo.org
> where exactly?

I had a chat with Alex about this. I plan to access the installers from:
http://live.osgeo.org/WindowsInstallers/ and

I think Alex plans to use redirects within Apache to point this 
directory somewhere else, probably a download directory somewhere.
Alex mentioned that the directory would double as a local cache for our 
iso build process, which we are looking to set up in order to make the 
build process more reliable.

>> so I'm linking to it from the overview page:
>> Windows and Apple Installers
>> ----------------------------
>> * `Microsoft Windows Installers
>> <../WindowsInstallers/>`_
>> * `Apple OSX Installers<../MacInstallers/>`_
> re. https://trac.osgeo.org/osgeo/changeset/5962
> why the mix up out of alphabetical order?
I'm using camel case because we are using camel case in the iso directory.
I'm happy to change to all lower case for a future release, but at the 
moment, I'm going for minimum change.

> why drop the Natural Earth overview?
Ah, that is a mistake. Now corrected. Thanks for picking it up.

> In the past I had a script to add quickstart links to the
> end of any overview ReST file that was missing it, e.g.
> Quickstart
> ----------
> * `Quickstart documentation<../quickstart/${PROJECT}_quickstart.html>`_
> not sure where it is now, but that's easy enough to apply by
> hand or redo.
> those without that appear to be:
> R_overview.rst
> gdal_overview.rst
> geokettle_overview.rst
> geonetwork_overview.rst
> geoserver_overview.rst
> gvsig_overview.rst
> kosmo_overview.rst
> mapserver_overview.rst
> maptiler_overview.rst
> naturalearth_overview.rst
> openjump_overview.rst
> [overview.rst]
> postgis_overview.rst
> rasdaman_overview.rst
> [zygrib_overview.rst]

Yes, I'll add to my todo list, if someone doesn't get to it before me.

> re. the download page- it lists ISO file sizes from the 4.0
> release, and things have changed a bit since then.
> what are the with-installer and without-installer download size
> for ver4.5? (in the latest build)  Will they fit on a DVD-R?

I've just updated file sizes and version number for all download pages 
(in English as well as translated pages). It seems that there has been 
hardly any change in file size since last release.
I haven't tried burning a DVD from ISO, has someone confirmed it fits?

> cheers,
> Hamish

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