[Live-demo] Mirrors, Torrents, etc

Alex Mandel tech_dev at wildintellect.com
Thu Mar 17 02:14:04 PDT 2011

The 4.5 release is coming near and I just wanted to put out a call for
mirrors. New mirrors in Asia, and the South Pacific would be great.
Total space for the release is ~ 4.4+3.4+2.7=
10.5 GB
You do not need to mirror all 3 options, the mirror software is smart
enough to know which files you do and don't have. Also keep in mind that
users in your region will be directed to your server and we prioritize
other machines if you're concerned about bandwidth.
To give you an idea, I think I'm serving about ~1TB a month of various
version of OSGeoLive, but I think that's on the high side since I'm also
serving all the weekly builds and every previous version + some crazy
bots seem to like my server.

There are a few things about this release that will be a little different.

In addition to geo-redirecting, I'm going to try and setup mirror brain
to also web seed a torrent. That means that all the mirrors (You can
probably opt out of this part) will be used as "Torrents" but won't be
required to run any special software.

Also, I'm going to be asking that anyone who host a mirror be willing to
share their server logs for at least that folder (You can setup logging
for just that folder). You don't need to publicly share it, but somehow
arrange with me to push/pull them on a regular basis. Why you ask?
1. So we can keep an accurate count of downloads across all mirrors no
matter how people get to the files.
2. I'm currently embarking on a university study as part of Phd to
analyze the geographical patterns of the downloads in conjunction with
an upcoming user survey(more about that part later).
The aggregated results of course will be available to the whole community.

If you're interested in mirroring just send me and email and we can work
out the details.


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