[Live-demo] Release Checklist 5

Alex Mandel tech_dev at wildintellect.com
Tue Sep 6 12:18:56 PDT 2011

So in order to get the version 5 official release done:

1. Clarification are we releasing the foss4g version or changing the
background and releasing? Do we really need to change the screenshot in
the docs if we change the background only slightly (doesn't seem like a
big deal to me)
2. Upload to mirrors (At least 2)
3. Flip the switch on the website (material is uploaded this is a quick
change in Apache)
3a. What about the Download Win/Mac pages? We probably need a volunteer
to create at least a simple page that links to the downloads of said
apps from their usual websites.
4. Send out press release

Target, I see no reason why we can't get this all done by end of the
week and have it officially released prior to Foss4g. Note the list
above is in the order I think things ought to be done, most of which is
by me (1,2,3). However I do need clarification on 1, since allowing
people to download the current image with the Foss4g background would
mean everything else is done sooner. It does not mean that we can't
offer the non-foss4g background for the German conference, that just
might be a separate download (anyone know if they need the full iso or
the mini iso or both?).


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