[Live-demo] Final ISO done, can I change the .deb repository?

Stefan Tzeggai tzeggai at wikisquare.de
Wed Sep 7 01:19:17 PDT 2011


I would like to release next AtlasStyler and Geopublisher versions into
the .deb repository.
According to the Schedule
the final ISO has been build.

So.. despite the Talk about a "Release Checklist 5" that means, that you
are not planning to rebuild the ISO, and that I don't have to wait any
longer to release a new version into my .deb repository??

For clarification: When I release a new version into the
AtlasStyler/Geopublisher .deb repository, it is automatically pulled by
the AS- and GP-install scripts for the live DVD.

Greetings and keep up├╝ the good work,

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