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#797: maptiler should be recategorised as a web service
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Changes (by hamish):

  * keywords:  5.0, maptiler => 5.5, maptiler


 It's a front end to gdal2tiles.py:
        This utility generates a directory with small tiles and
        metadata, following OSGeo Tile Map Service Specification.
        Simple web pages with viewers based on Google Maps and
        OpenLayers are generated as well - so anybody can comfortably
        explore your maps on-line and you do not need to install or
        configure any special software (like mapserver) and the map
        displays very fast in the webbrowser. You only need to upload
        generated directory into a web server.

 I've reserved "Web services" for web-enabled GIS and interactive/WPS;
 MapTiler is just a local processing tool.

 here's how I've broken down the menu categories:

 #Desktop apps part 1 (traditional analytic GIS)

 #Desktop apps part 2 (geodata viewers and editors)

 #Server apps part 1 (web-enabled GIS; interactive/WPS)

 #Server apps part 2 (web based viewers; data only flows down to user)

 #Infrastructure and miscellanea

 #Future home of PostGIS and Spatialite; pgRouting???
 #  pgadmin, sqlitebrowser, etc  (this one is automatic)

 #Server apps part 3 (public good theme)

 "Web Services" has traditionally been over-stuffed with apps, and "Spatial
 Tools" has traditionally had lots of room in it. So since it isn't a
 server, is a processing tool, and due to even out the menus I'd prefer to
 keep it as-is.

 Mapproxy lives in /var/www/, connects to port 8011, and so really is a
 live web server. So I'd leave that where it is too.


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