[Live-demo] Please give us your feedback on OSGeo-Live DVDs and USBs at FOSS4G [GEOMOOSE WORKSHOP FEEDBACK]

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Was planning on doing this anyway, but since Cameron decided to ask the question now, here goes . . . 

The GeoMoose team used the DVD as released in it's WorkShop at the FOSS4G conference with great success.  We used many of the installed components in the workshop directly from the DVD.  I'm sure I'll miss listing something here about components used, but encourage others from the GeoMoose list and workshop to chime in on the LiveDVD usage at the conference.  The pieces I know we used were: 

   ** GeoMoose  
   ** MapServer 
   ** GeoServer 
   ** Natural Earth Data 
   ** QGIS 

The GeoMoose Workshop team all worked with the LiveDVD for the presentation.  All of the participants of the Workshop used the LiveDVD as installed on the workshop portable computers in the VMs. We didn't build a custom install for the workshop, but chose to use the LiveDVD as-is.  Our workshop materials are based off of the LiveDVD and used the components that were already installed to great effect.  All of the examples and exercises were worked through on the LiveDVD VM and the results displayed in the VM.  We also described how to save the exercises and examples for re-use in their own setup of the VM back in their offices. 

We did build a couple of USBs with the DVD, but only as backups, and didn't end up using them at the conference. 

We had some networking glitches while working through some online examples, which worked for most of the users, but the LiveDVD worked in an offline mode very well.  The LiveDVD worked almost flawlessly for our workshop and I personally want to thank the LiveDVD creators for their work on putting it together.  It's a great resource in promoting FOSS4G. 

I encourage others from the conference to chime in here as well.  

Thanks (A lot!!) 

I've copied the (NEW) GeoMoose List as well with this message.. 


>>> Cameron Shorter <cameron.shorter at gmail.com> wrote:

As we were approaching this year's OSGeo-Live release, we were finding
it hard to work out whether the previous release of USBs were considered
worthwhile or not.

So as you get back from FOSS4G, can you please share some of your
OSGeo-Live stories. You might want to mention some of the following:
* Who has tried the DVD/USB? (Developers? Users? Managers? Others in the
* What experiences have you had? Did things work? Anything easy or hard
to understand?
* Did you try the DVD or USB?
* Did you try in a VM, fast/slow desktop/laptop with lots/little RAM?

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