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Interesting idea.  Although I would imagine that some projects would span more than one of those groupings.  For example (and to create and argument.  GeoMoose would fit into the last two easily.  And technically, the Desktop app could be be considered a GeoMoose category, since it can load OGC services directly (from localhost) in a strict interpretation. 

There are other obvious overlapping projects as well. 

I'm wondering about Brian's idea of separating off the installers.  Make the Live DVD into it's own thing, and set up the installers separately to be used as needed.  Seems like a lot of potential for things to break however. 


>>> Simon Cropper <simoncropper at fossworkflowguides.com> wrote:


As a suggestion, why don't you split the Live-Demo into function groups...

1. Desktop applications + related open data and content
2. Web-based Applications + related open data and content
3. Data Management Applications + related open data and content

It is very rare that the functional requirements of a user spans one or
more groups, and if it did they probably wouldn't worry about
downloading 1-2 ISO files or picking up two separate CDs.

Cheers Simon

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