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#882: Update sphinx Makefile required for doc build
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Comment(by hamish):


 `zh` now enabled in the doc/Makefile & build job triggered on Adhoc.
 Thanks for all the cleanup.

 In an effort to encourage translators, I have now uncommented Catalan in
 themes/overview/page.html so it will show up in the list of languages
 available in the rendered pages. We can revisit this at the end of the
 next beta cycle to see if it is fit for release or not.


 ps- bits of r7865, r7866 must be reverted.

 You may never, ever, remove someone else's copyright statement.
 This is a mortal sin.

 The copyright statements in the various overview and quickstart
 pages are wrt that particular page and must remain in place. If
 you are the copyright holder you can do what you like. If the
 copyright was gifted to OSGeo, feel free to adjust the year to
 "-2012" if you make a substantial contribution to the document,
 but nothing else. copyright is no fun, but we have to respect it.

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