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#882: Update sphinx Makefile required for doc build
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Comment(by fgdrf):

 Replying to [comment:2 hamish]:

 > ps- bits of r7865, r7866 must be reverted.

 > You may never, ever, remove someone else's copyright statement.
 > This is a mortal sin.

 > The copyright statements in the various overview and quickstart
 > pages are wrt that particular page and must remain in place. If
 > you are the copyright holder you can do what you like. If the
 > copyright was gifted to OSGeo, feel free to adjust the year to
 > "-2012" if you make a substantial contribution to the document,
 > but nothing else. copyright is no fun, but we have to respect it.

 Done, Sorry for this confusion.

 Also moved Catalan before Deutsch...

 BTW, I'm working on #881 and got the javascript done but still working on
 the integration into  page.html.

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