[Live-demo] updating trunk to xubuntu 12.04

Hamish hamish_b at yahoo.com
Sun Apr 29 15:28:30 PDT 2012

>> We are waiting for postgis 2.0 to be included. Until then
>> there is no point to test pgrouting.

> I was kind of expecting the PostGIS 2.0 issue to come. ;-)

it always does :-)

> From a user point of view I would like to have PostGIS 2.0.
> As a repository maintainer I would like to keep PostGIS 1.5,
> because it's the officially supported PostGIS version.
> Especially for an LTS release.

here's the situation:

ubuntu 12.04 shipped with postgis 1.5 and postgresql 9.1.

until postgis 2.0 is packaged and in at least Debian/experimental
it's premature to discuss putting it into ubuntugis's repo and
rebuilding things there to use it.

since it is core infrastructure, until it is in ubuntugis's repos
and dependent packages there have been rebuilt for it, it's
premature to discuss putting it on the live dvd.

as a package maintainer of a program that makes heavy use of
postgis (gpsdrive), my vote is to use the distro supplied version.

as the guy who ultimately has to make all this stuff work nicely
together, there's little question: use the distro supplied
version.  Custom installed core infrastructure is a total
nightmare to maintain system-wide, and my/our time is better
spend elsewhere.

if $you want to see postgis 2.0 on the live dvd at some point,
the best thing to do is to get the postgis maintainers more
involved in the DebianGIS mailing list; ie get the wheels
spinning at the source. there have been previous discussions/
status updates there before AFAIR, search through the archives
for answers first.

and/or add constructive content to this ticket:

you might also ping Stephen Frost (although he should get cc'd
automatically on any traffic to that ticket).


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