[Live-demo] Teaching Spatial Programming - Raspberry Pi

Hamish hamish_b at yahoo.com
Fri Jun 1 19:52:17 PDT 2012

> OSGeo-Live is based upon Xubuntu (which is a small version
> of Ubuntu), and I note from the faq that Ubuntu is not

[xUbuntu right?]

> supported by Ubuntu. That might be a problem.

probably not, xUbuntu is just the veneer front-end window manager and
desktop login and choice of default word processor and such. The under-
lying OS is still 100% ubuntu.

> What you may need to do is start with a Debian Squeeze
> distribution, then execute the OSGeo-Live build process,
> probably with a few tweaks, to build a custom OSGeo-Live. In
> this process, you might also only select applications which
> will run within the 256 Meg limit.

this sounds like a reasonable approach to me. Debian Squeeze is very
close in package vintage to Ubuntu Lucid, so build scripts for the
4.5 version of osgeo's live DVD should mostly work. (except for 3rd
party ppa etc style things)


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