[Live-demo] Alternative OSGeoLive build process

Hamish hamish_b at yahoo.com
Sat Jun 2 02:55:27 PDT 2012

Angelos wrote:
> This means that we have to do the following:
> 1. Create a branch in svn for this new method
> 2. Fix packages to not use "user"
> 3. Not place any files in /home/user but select another
> folder instead
> 4. Refine the desktop in live mode (background image, etc)

better: fix the alternate build method to create a user called
"user" as a first step, and avoid a lot of mess. (keeping
multiple branches in sync is a total complete and utter PITA,
even with modern source management tools)

better2: almost all the scripts set USER_NAME at the start.
If we move that out into the master script, then it can be
changed in a single stroke or the alternate build method, also
avoiding a whole lot of mess (but I'm sure some would still
remain, e.g. finding all the hardcoded DB permissions and
altering the passwords.txt file)

 => avoid extra maintenance overheads at all costs <=


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