[Live-demo] Which version of openjdk should be included on OSGeo-Live 6.0?

Angelos Tzotsos gcpp.kalxas at gmail.com
Sun Jun 3 16:24:05 PDT 2012

So here is my first impression with openjdk7:

Some packages are packaged as deb files and recommend openjdk6 since 
they are build against that default version in 12.04 (eg gvsig). Others 
require openjdk6 (eg atlastyler) and apt-get installs it in order to 
fulfill the dependencies.

So basically until all deb files involved here are built against 
openjdk7 in Launchpad, we will be getting both versions installed in the 

Basically this would require a lot of effort from packagers and I am not 
sure that the projects would like to have a version upstream that uses a 
Java version that is not the default of the OS. The golden rule in 
packaging is to try to offer users default versions of dependencies...


On 05/29/2012 06:25 PM, Angelos Tzotsos wrote:
> Hi,
> I am planning to do an alpha3 this weekend.
> It would be great to have iso creation in this test too.
> On 05/29/2012 09:23 AM, Cameron Shorter wrote:
>> Frank,
>> I've be very keen to hear your feedback after you try 
>> osgeo-live-6.0alpha3, which I understand Angelos is going to build 
>> with OpenJDK 7 (instead of OpenJDK 6).
>> I think our biggest challenge for this 6.0 release of OSGeo-Live will 
>> be to see if we can get the Geotools based java applications working 
>> with OpenJDK 7.
>> Angelos,
>> Do you plan to build an alpha3 release soon?
>> On 29/05/2012 3:17 PM, Frank Gasdorf wrote:
>>> All right. I just tested it on the 5.5 Release and it fails, because 
>>> of missing
>>>      javax.media.jai.JAI
>>> class. The rendering sub-system requires the Java advanced imaging and
>>> I guess there is no port for openjdk jet.
>>> Because this exception is thrown from a geotools renderer class all
>>> installations that requires geotools would fail. Could anybody confirm
>>> my point of view?
>>> Cheers,
>>> Frank
>>> 2012/5/29 Frank Gasdorf<fgdrf at users.sourceforge.net>:
>>>> Brian,
>>>> please note, that uDig is shipped and installed with its own JRE. To
>>>> verify which JRE is used open the "About uDig" Dialog in the launched
>>>> Application (Menu ->  Help ->  About uDig". In the opened Dialog you
>>>> will find a "installation Details" Buttown left below, hit it and
>>>> switch afterwards to the "Configuration" tab.
>>>> For the uDig installation (1.2.2) you will see something like this:
>>>> java.home=/usr/lib/udig/jre
>>>> java.runtime.version=1.6.0_25-b06
>>>> To test against the installed JRE please go through:
>>>> * goto /usr/lib/udig with terminal/shell (cd /usr/lib/udig)
>>>> * type "sudo mv jre jreXXX" and type the password afterwards (user)
>>>> * start uDig again
>>>> and in the same About Dialog mentioned above you will see
>>>> java.home=/usr/lib/jvm/java-6-openjdk   (or something like this, but
>>>> not the bundled JRE from /usr/lib/udig)
>>>> Start testing the Walkthrough to verify everything is fine:
>>>> http://live.osgeo.org/en/quickstart/udig_quickstart.html
>>>> Cheers,
>>>> Frank
>>>> 2012/5/29 Brian Hamlin<maplabs at light42.com>:
>>>>> Hi All-
>>>>>   you know that GeoTools and the Java apps are very important to 
>>>>> this disk..
>>>>>   I personally want to get this resolved the best way it can. I 
>>>>> also am not a
>>>>> Java dev,
>>>>> so I am missing a lot of the details under the surface...  however
>>>>>   I just micro tested uDig on the Live build Alpha 2.. all I tried 
>>>>> was two
>>>>> things..
>>>>> Open a shape file, and open a TIF file.. and it worked fine !
>>>>>   openJDK-6
>>>>>   so there may be more going on, but it appears to me that we may 
>>>>> be able to
>>>>> get
>>>>> away with openJDK-6. Maybe 7 too..
>>>>>   best regards from Berkeley, California
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