[Live-demo] Geoserver port

Cameron Shorter cameron.shorter at gmail.com
Thu Jun 21 13:05:33 PDT 2012

I'm reasonably confident that geoserver will remain on port 8082. From 
memory, I believed we picked this port to avoid conflict with other 
applications which were using port 8080, and I don't see that 
requirement changing.

As a side note, you might be better to use datasets from C based 
programs on the DVD, as java based programs require java and tomcat to 
be started, which takes both time and RAM.

On 21/06/2012 10:38 PM, Benjamin ProƟ wrote:
> Hey list,
> I'd like to know which port the Geosever will finally use. Does it 
> remain on port 8082 or are there plans to move it to the general 
> Tomcat on port 8080? It's important for us (52n WPS) to know, because 
> we use some datasets from the Geoserver.
> Cheers,
> Benjamin

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